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Changing the tech game

August 19, 2022

Back in 2015, three women working within development had grown tired of the lack of female colleagues. To solve the problem, they started hosting coding events to bring women, non-binary and transgender people together. It did not take long until they were overwhelmed by the amount of people that wanted to join the event. 

Today, Pink Programming has around 60 active volunteers around the country, over 200 members, 20.000 followers, and is leading the way, as Sweden’s biggest network for female developers, towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

“Our aim is threefold; get more women, non-binary and transgender people to discover programming, support and lift those already working within tech, and help companies become more inclusive. It’s inspiring to see participants making career shifts after joining our events. That’s the best thing with working with this, you can actually see the impact and the change Pink makes”, says Alma Bergil.