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The community is the core of what we do

We believe in the power of people to create change, and we are thousands of people uniting to make tech more inclusive:

  • A wide community of thousands of developers and code curious people, making us Sweden’s biggest community for developers who are women and non-binary.
  • 100+ volunteers across the country arranging events and camps as code mentors, event managers and role models.
  • 200 members stirring the direction of the organization together with the office and board.

There are plenty of opportunities to be engaged in the Pink Programming Community. How do you want to get involved?

At our events you meet role models in the tech industry, indulge in coding workshops and mingle with peers. Our events span from beginner to advanced and are held in English.

Stay up to date on what’s going on in the Pink Programming world. Events, job opportunities, industry news and much more. 

As an associate member of Pink Programming, you’re supporting our work for gender equality in tech!

In the community of thousands we are welcoming anyone who is interested in programming and identify themselves as women or non-binary. Join to connect with other tech interested people around Sweden!

We are joined by volunteers all around Sweden, arranging coding events and community activities. Register your interest, and we’ll keep you posted.