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Support our work for gender equality

As a Pink Programming partner you get endless opportunities to connect with potential employees, learn how to become a more inclusive employer, and make a real difference for inclusion in tech.

Why partner up?

You’ll connect with Sweden’s biggest community of developers who are women and non-binary. You’ll strengthen your employer brand, attract a more diverse workforce and expand your knowledge on the topic of gender equality. By supporting our non-profit work your organization makes a hands-on change for equality within tech.

What does a partnership  include?

We offer a range of partnership options to make sure there’s something for everyone. The partnership can include

  • Coding and networking events
  • Highlighting job opportunities for our big community of developers
  • Brand visibility
  • Inclusion course for your company to attract and keep the right talent
  • Enhanced knowledge and increased awareness about the power of diversity, equity and inclusion

And more.

Great! How to get started?

Reach out to us and we’ll find a partnership that suits you.

Andrea Arvidsson
+46 70 412 01 27

Alma Bergil
+46 76 775 17 10

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