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About us

We are Sweden’s biggest community for programmers who are women and non-binary

What is Pink Programming?

We are a non-profit organization that works towards a gender equal tech industry! We create inspiring coding and networking events for developers and people who are curious about tech, as well as hosting DE&I courses for companies.

The organization consists of a small office of 3 employees, a board, 200 members and 100 volunteers. 

Why do we exist?

We want to change the narrative of who can, should and want to be a programmer. Our vision is to make the joy of programming available for everyone, and build a tech world where women and non-binary developers are not the exception any more.

How do we create change in tech?

Organizing coding and networking events for women and non-binary people to learn new programming skills and meet inspiring role models.

Through a vibrant community of people interested in programming and gender equality. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a senior developer – Pink is for you!

Working closely with the industry through sponsorships, collaborations and DE&I courses.

Being a public voice who advocates for underrepresented groups within the tech industry.

Where can you find us?

Our headquarters is in Malmö, and we have project groups of volunteers in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö, hosting events and activities both in person and online!

Frida Stjernholm

Samantha Huynh

Vice Chair of Board

Sonja Peric

Agnes Billgren

Ordinary Board Member

Phiphi Tran

Ordinary Board Member

Tanya Lytovchenko

Ordinary Board Member

Jessica Pålsson

Ordinary Board Member

Juulia Suvilehto

Alternate Board Member

Nusrat Shaba

Alternate Board Member

Helen Jönsson

Alternate Board Member

Ayumi Nakamura

Internal auditor

Valentina Falconi

Andrea Arvidsson

Alma Bergil

Head of Community & Communications
+46 76 775 17 10

Marie Martin

“I went to an event and got inspired by the amazing women (participants and volunteers alike) I met there and wanted to be a part of it right away”

Pink Programming member