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Joint effort for tech competence in the new STEM UP project by Region Skåne

May 29, 2024

18.000 specialists – that’s the yearly need for tech competence the upcoming 4 years in Sweden, according to a new report from Techsverige. 

Because of the increasing need for tech competence, Region Skåne is now initiating a major project to increase the availability of skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in the region. The demand is growing not just in the tech industry but throughout the entire business and public sectors.

At the inaugural event of the project on May 23rd, Andrea Arvidsson, the managing director of Pink Programming, participated in the panel discussion, stressing the significance of integrating diversity and inclusivity into the ongoing initiatives.

The STEM UP project

The STEM UP project is initiated by Region Skåne in collaboration with local actors and municipalities to ensure sustainable competency supply. The project’s focus is on increasing the availability of skills in STEM, and creating a regional support structure to meet the growing demand in technology-intensive sectors.

Read more about the project below (in Swedish).