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Love drives change

February 10, 2022

This Sunday we have the pleasure of meeting Jun and her brave story about how she moved from Korea to Gothenburg in the name of love, but moreover, how she fell in love again, this time with Data Science.

As an enthusiast passionate about growth, Jun has conquered many territories in terms of knowledge, and when she thought it was enough, she learned about the power of data. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from the University of Californa, and back in Korea, Jun had worked as an Innovation Manager for the biggest beer company in the world, leading and designing three commercial product launches in Northern Asian markets. In Korea, Jun met her soulmate and let herself be driven by love. She decided to start a new adventure, following her boyfriend to Sweden.

Settling in and finding her path was not a smooth ride for Jun. She wanted to work in the same field, but since Swedish companies mostly target Nordic countries, her background and understanding of the Asian market and culture were no help this time. Moreover, without speaking the Swedish language, it was even more difficult for her to continue doing the job that she used to have using her expertise.

Jun reached the point where she had to either go back to Korea and pursue the career that she was trained for, or continue to look for a job here in Sweden.

“I wanted to prove that I made the right choice, I never really felt like I was being myself working as a server and brewer”.

“Who am I?”

She started to look for things she enjoys and is good at and she figured that data is the right call for her. She had already worked with data before, but not in a technical manner. So for six months, Jun taught herself how to be a Data Analyst! How? The internet is full of resources! Jun took plenty of interactive programming courses and certificates on different platforms – such as FreeCodeCamp, CodeAcademy, DataCamp, Udacity – and many other.

“Through love, I found love – data”

She finally got her first Data Analyst job in Sweden – at Volvo Cars, and later on, at Stena Recycling. Right now, Jun is working for Polestar; applying Machine Learning to extract the essence of customer needs.

Jun shows that where there is motivation, passion and drive, you can do whatever your heart tells you to; and in her case, it was Data Analyst in Gothenburg.


Join us for an exciting Pink Sunday on February 13th to hear more about Jun’s journey and to take part in the inspo-workshop on how to choose your path to programming, lead by Holly Thomas (Frontend Engineer).

Information and tickets.

Writer: Madalina Andreea Pascariu – Communications volunteer at Pink Programming.